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C. Writing & Speaking
Số phần: 5 phần
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Giáo viên:   Thạc sĩ  Nguyễn Thị Bạch Yến.

Giới thiệu:

C. Writing & Speaking:

Dựa vào phần từ vựng để thực hành kĩ năng nói và viết theo chủ đề thực hành kĩ năng nói và viết theo chủ đề “CONSERVATION”.

_Kỹ năng nói: Sử dụng  phần từ vựng được học ở phần Reading học sinh có thể nói về phương pháp bảo tồn mới thông qua việc áp dụng mô hình sở thú kiểu mới.

_Kỹ năng viết: Hoc sinh học cách viết về Thư Mời.


Task1. Read the paragraphs and answer the questions.

A. Zoos are very sensitive about their image nowadays. They don`t want to be seen as places where animals are imprisoned against their will. Instead, they want to be seen as places where endangered species can develop. They want to reconstruct the animals’ natural environment. So there appears a new kind of zoo.

B. Howletts Zoo in Kent is owned by John Aspinall, who is famous for his programme of breeding endangered animals and reintroducing them into wild. The zoo has the largest gorillas in the world and its policy to provide as natural an environment as possible for the animals. At times, this can be risky, and some keepers have been injured and one has been killed.


For what purpose are the zoos of the new kind opened?

What are the main features?      

Task 2.Put a tick (ü) in the right box to show your agreement or disagreement. Then share your ideas with a partner.

Animals may develop.

Animals may feel happier.

 In the zoo of the new kind        

Some expressions for agreement and disagreement.

Asking for ideas

What do you think of ...? Do you think......?

Giving opinion

I think ...   In my opinion, ..

Task 3.Work in groups.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of zoos of new kind. Use these cues below.

the conditions the animals are in

the money spent on reconstructions the animals’ natural environment

the animals that people can visit

Task 4.Make group reports, sharing your views with the rest of the class.


1. Greetings

2. Introduction

3. Main ideas

4. Conclusion

5. Questions - Answers


A letter of invitation

Task 1.Write out the sentences by matching the first half in A with the most suitable half in B.

Task 2.Fill each blank in these invitation letters with a suitable expression provided in Task 1.

Task 3.Nam invites his friend – Lam, who is now living in a different town, to spend a weekend with him. Help Nam to write a letter, using the cues below.

Dear Lam,

we /not meet / since / you / move.

I / miss / a lot.

we / both / have / some days-off / between / two terms / soon.

if / not make / other plans / why not spend weekend / together?

feel / like / visit / forest / near / my grand parents / again?


A simple letter of invitation

Salutation (greetings)

Opening (reasons)

Your invitation (place, time, …)

Closing (wishes)


Dear Lam, 

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